Have you scaled back your middle+back office operations during the financial crisis, but now need additional resources to accommodate your growing business? 

Look no further.  

With Core Fund Solutions you can outsource part or all of your operations today!

"We have been more than pleased with Core Fund Solutions' results thus far. Their work is punctual, accurate and professional... zero mistakes and never had to wait for anything... We choose Core Fund Solutions among the other options for administartor because Core Fund Solutions demonstrate the most detailed knowledge of the mechanics of its work. Angie was able to perfectly explain how each irregular scenario we brought up would be handled, and that gave us comfort. We would strongly recommend Core Fund Solutions as a fund administrator for  anyone."

“Angie and her team at Core Fund Solutions helped OBI Capital with more than NAV services. Core Fund Solutions went beyond the call of duty to solve all of our accounting needs in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Core Fund Solutions has solid Advent fund accounting systems, a deep experience base, and a great attitude.” 

"Our internal resources were devoted to research, marketing, and daily operations, leaving a significant need to obtain outsourced accounting and operations oversight. We found the services and counsel of Core Fund Solutions to be incredibly valuable in a number of ways: - quarterly reporting was accurate and timely. Angie helped our firm streamline reporting to minimize the demands on our limited staff. - Angie counseled us on areas outside of the fund accounting, including compliance and operations. Her counsel allowed us to address potential weaknesses in each of these areas. - Angie interfaced with our auditor and attorney as an advocate for our firm and with a level of expertise that we did not possess internally.  I highly recommend the services of Angie Kim and Core Fund Solutions, LLC."    






What We Offer

Core Fund Solutions (CFS) offers three tiers of service:  Full Administration, NAV Light, and Outsourced Operations.  We tailor each of these to meet the needs of individual clients, and all three are designed to provide flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions.
CFS employs the latest technologies including the Advent portfolio management system (multi-currency and fixed income) and the REX reconciliation system. 


Full Administration

NAV Light

Out-sourced Operations


Day-to-day operations: daily trade and re-organizational activities, dividends, portfolio quantity, cost basis, market value, and cash reconciliations.  

Liaison services between all parties (traders, prime brokers, banks, attorneys, etc.)

Income statement, balance sheet, and partners’ capital preparation

Independent management fee, incentive fee, and performance calculations 

Independent portfolio valuations

Subscription and redemption

Anti-money laundering service

Investor services and monthly investor statements

Cash management service

Audit assistance


Prepare Fund's Income statement, balance sheet, and partners’ capital

Independent calculation of the management fee, incentive fee, and performances.

Monthly Investor statements

Audit assistance



NAV shadowing service - this is considered the industry best practice.  We'll review and approve your funds' Net Asset Value packages prepared by your administrator.  

Daily trade and re-organizational activities, portfolio quantity, cost basis, market value, and cash reconciliations

Management Company / General Partner enitiy bookkeeping services. 

Aggregation of multiple prime brokers holdings

Trade rebalancing

Investor relations

Financial statements preparation

Performance statistics

Prime broker statement verification



Comprehensive and Independent valuations

Independent management fee,  incentive fee, and performance calculations



Cost effective

Modular and flexible solutions

Independent management and performance fee calculations


Cost effective

Best practice implementation

Comprehensive infrastructure outsourcing

Effective resource allocation - no need to hire more people

Best-in-breed quality service



Funds requiring independent valuation

Fund in active marketing stage

Funds with multiple custodians/prime brokers


Startup funds

Funds with smaller assets managing friend and family money.



Firms going through head count reduction or maintain efficient HR level.

Funds seeking independence


More detail on Full Administration Service

More detail on NAV Light

More detail on Out-sourced Operations