Have you scaled back your middle+back office operations during the financial crisis, but now need additional resources to accommodate your growing business? 

Look no further.  

With Core Fund Solutions you can outsource part or all of your operations today!

"We have been more than pleased with Core Fund Solutions' results thus far. Their work is punctual, accurate and professional... zero mistakes and never had to wait for anything... We choose Core Fund Solutions among the other options for administartor because Core Fund Solutions demonstrate the most detailed knowledge of the mechanics of its work. Angie was able to perfectly explain how each irregular scenario we brought up would be handled, and that gave us comfort. We would strongly recommend Core Fund Solutions as a fund administrator for  anyone."

“Angie and her team at Core Fund Solutions helped OBI Capital with more than NAV services. Core Fund Solutions went beyond the call of duty to solve all of our accounting needs in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Core Fund Solutions has solid Advent fund accounting systems, a deep experience base, and a great attitude.” 

"Our internal resources were devoted to research, marketing, and daily operations, leaving a significant need to obtain outsourced accounting and operations oversight. We found the services and counsel of Core Fund Solutions to be incredibly valuable in a number of ways: - quarterly reporting was accurate and timely. Angie helped our firm streamline reporting to minimize the demands on our limited staff. - Angie counseled us on areas outside of the fund accounting, including compliance and operations. Her counsel allowed us to address potential weaknesses in each of these areas. - Angie interfaced with our auditor and attorney as an advocate for our firm and with a level of expertise that we did not possess internally.  I highly recommend the services of Angie Kim and Core Fund Solutions, LLC."    






The Value We Deliver

We understand the back office concerns that keep you awake at night, and we know how to face the infrastructure challenges that await as your business grows.  We're dedicated to helping you control expenses, manage operational risk, and translate the results to your bottom line. “Core Fund Solutions was able to perfectly explain how each irregular scenario we brought up would be handled and that gave us comfort.” – V.P. of a Hedge fund

 Investor Scrutiny

It's no secret that hedge fund investors are becoming more demanding. They want service beyond the industry standard, including institutional-level back office operations, regardless of the size of the fund.  They also want transparency, so much so that they're steadily raising the bar when it comes to defining the appropriate level of independence though third party administrators. All while keeping expenses low. 

CFS provides the necessary independence from the investment advisor. With our depth of experience and knowledge of the hedge fund industry, we ensure the due diligence process of our clients is robust enough to withstand the most rigorous investor scrutiny.

 Let Us Be Your Virtual CFO

Many larger hedge funds have talented chief financial officers who can lead their back-office teams, implement best practices and limit operational risks. Such experienced specialists are often beyond the budget of small-to-medium sized hedge funds.  The Core Fund Solutions team offers an unmatched depth of experience and knowledge of the hedge fund industry. CFS has more than 20 years of experience in hedge fund consulting and auditing, acting as the CFO to number of hedge funds and oversight of back-office operations for a multi-billion dollar global convertible arbitrage fund. Our principal spends a significant amount of her time steering her clients away from the pitfalls of growing their companies. 


“By engaging Core Fund Solutions, not only did we get a dedicated, attentive, and professional team, we also got CFO-level expertise” – COO of a fund of hedge funds

Cost Effective, Scalable, Flexible

Launching and growing a hedge fund is now more costly than ever. Hedge fund mangers struggle daily to balance the need to lower their funds' expense ratios against spending enough on performing their fiduciary responsibilities. This is especially true for start-up and smaller hedge funds where increasing operational costs quickly eat into hard-earned gains. Regardless of the size of a fund, investors demand institutional-level back offices that place pressure on expense ratios. Attracting and retaining investors requires innovative approaches to address those demands.

Core Fund Solutions has established an institutional-level back office, freeing you to better allocate your capital. We provide affordable, scalable and flexible services to our clients allowing them to add on layers when needed. The end goal is reducing expense ratios, managing operational costs and your bottom line. Our founder, Ms. Harrison, has first-hand experience of that balancing act. Core Fund Solutions' cost-effective, scalable and flexible services -- all based on the highest-level of responsiveness -- provide the answer to your fund needs.
 “With outsourcing from Core Fund Solutions, we were able to minimize our overhead costs, while maintaining the overall operation quality and efficiency.” - COO of a fund of hedge funds